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Consideration Funnel Position

recruiting marketing consideration funnel and map

The marketing world has always leaned on the concept of the marketing funnel as a means to consider the consumer mindset as they moved through the consumer journey. From buying cereal to cars, we all follow the steps from unaware to action.

The same holds true for people considering applying for your jobs. Start start not knowing your exist or not knowing jobs exist and they follow the path to applying. Between the top and the bottom of that funnel are a handful of major stops, but they can occur across a universe of websites and information. The map above is a non-comprehensive suggestion of how complex that journey can be.

Some people will simplify this funnel into two main ideas: attraction and consideration.

The funnel isn’t purely an abstract model, but a way to remembering that the consideration journey is long and requires content at every stage (even if it isn’t occurring on your site, it is still very much occurring). At each stage the prospect is concerned about different things. At the top, they may be more concerned with logistical and foundational questions like, “Could I do this job?” or “Is this job feasible to reach?”

Later on, these questions will shift to worrying about what the experience of working at this job is like and if it will support the prospect’s career goals.

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