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Why Content to Recruit?

Companies spend millions of dollars to find, attract and hire the best talent. They also spend the same amount of money to find, attract and hire some pretty untalented people. That is, hiring is a huge business expense and plenty of companies are getting very very wrong.

What companies usually get wrong is that they focus on and optimize around the wrong things. Whether it is because they are taking lessons from marketing, because marketing is directly influencing recruiting thinking, or because recruitment marketers are leveraging consumer marketing tools, there is a gap. Consumer marketing focuses on quantity, attempting to expand the number of consumers to ever-greater numbers.

In recruitment marketing, the focus is on quality instead of quantity. 99% of the time, you can only hire one person for that opening, so your job isn’t to attract a million prospects, but to attract 2-3 great ones.

This is why content is such a key (and commonly overlooked) tactic in recruitment marketing: content doesn’t scale as quickly and easily as ads and job boards do. Telling the story of a job will often repel candidates (likely poor-fitting ones, anyway) as often as it compels. Ads are designed to appeal to a wide audience and avoid giving that audience a reason to not take action. This waters down the message in a space where people are choosing whether or not they should change their lives.

But first a simple definition. Content marketing is any content that encourages or induces action. Everything else is up for discussion. For recruitment marketing, the ultimate goal is applications by likely fits, but there are a lot of things to consider in the process of building content. Hence, the framework.

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